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This document, based upon the  General Act of the Privacy Authority of 8th  May 2014 and later amendments by the European Board Vidropack ApS., as Data Processor,  gives you the following information concerning cookies used on:

What are Cookies?
A “cookie” is a small text file created on the user’s computer when the user accesses a certain site, for the purpose of storing and transferring information. Cookies are sent by a web server (which is the computer on which the visited website is being run) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) and stored on the latter’s computer; they are then resent to the website upon subsequent visits.

Types of cookie use on the website
As listed above, the website only uses Google's technical and analytical cookies, for which, pursuant to art. 122 of the Privacy code and the General Act of the Privacy Authority of 8th  May 2014, as well as the Privacy Regulation (specifically art.95), no consent is required from the data subject.

Processing methods
Processing is carried out with computerised means that are able to guarantee,  according to the purpose it was collected for, the data’s safety, as well as to avoid third parties’ unauthorised access and, still, in accordance with the national and european legislation. Processing is carried out by the Owner, by External Responsible Subjects and by the Delegated Data Processors.

Data provision
Apart from technical cookies that are  strictly necessary to the normal browsing, as well as Googe’s analytical cookies for which further details can be found at the following link:, data provision is under the owner’s choice whenever he decides to browse the website after reading the brief policy in the banner and to make use of third parties’ services that require installing cookies.
The data subject can, therefore, prevent installing the cookies by keeping the banner visible (thus avoiding to close it by clicking on “Agree and close message”), as well as via the relevant functions that are available on his browser.

Disabling cookies
In addition to all the above said, you are able to manage your preferences concerning cookies directly from your browser and prevent- for instance - third parties installing them. Through your browser’s preferences it’s also possible to delete previously installed cookies, including cookies that save your consent to installing the site’s cookies. It is important to note that by disabling all cookies, this site may have usability problems.

Managing settings
Each browser has different procedures for managing settings. You can get specific instructions from their sites.